Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What to Do for 4th of July in New York City

We're so close to the weekend, you guys. And if you want to celebrate your weekend with something vintage-y and maybe a little naked, here's your list.

Liberty Belle Extravaganza
If you want to the 4th in the biggest way possible, this is where you go. More than 40 performers two floors of Hudson Terrace. Bae Dandy Wellington is the emcee. Starts at 3pm and goes late.
$30 advance, $35 at the door, group rate available. More info

Monday, June 22, 2015

What Do You Want?

I posed this question on my Facebook page, but thought I should ask it here, too. I'm all ears--what do you want to see more of on this blog? More movies? More events? Should I bring back Monday Man Candy? Let me know in the comments. If you're feeling shy, go ahead and comment anonymously, or send me an email at if you want it to be our little secret.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Retrofit: Woof!

I love something a little unexpected, which why more and more I'm hunting down vintage novelty prints. At first, you can't really tell what these little blue things are.

Are they flowers?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dandy's Got an Album!

Photo by Rose Callahan 

Congratulations are definitely in order--Dandy Wellington and His Band just released an album! Last week, the band released the EP "Harlem Rhythm" on iTunes. He has a really tight band and is an all-around showman. Such a treat to listen to. I couldn't be happier for Dandy and for even more people to hear his music. I first saw him at brunch three years ago for my birthday and I've gone to see him roughly a million times since then. Congrats, Dandy!

See the band live.
Dandy's regular engagements
Hotel Chantelle Dinner - Tuesday - 8PM
Penthouse 808 Dinner - Wednesday 7PM
Hotel Chantelle Brunch - Saturday - 11:30AM
Penthouse 808 Brunch - Sunday 11:30PM

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer School for Film Noir Nerds

When Turner Classic Movies announced they'd be holding an online course about film noir, I dropped everything I was doing to sign up. The network teamed up with Ball State University and, the online course platform, to bring fans "Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir". And it dovetails with "The Summer of Darkness" film noir series happening on TCM over the next few months.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Get It: Bettina May's "Everyday Bombshell"

If you haven't seen Bettina May, either onstage or in her pin-up work, you're missing out. The backstory: a poli-sci major from Canada becomes a Suicide Girl then a pin-up and burlesque performer, and becomes the first person to get a U.S. visa based on burlesque alone. And with that magic visa, Bettina is spreading the gospel of mid-century glamour and self-love with her traveling pin-up classes (learn to do your own hair and makeup or have Bettina make you over and take your photos), a series of instructional DVDs and now her book, "Everyday Bombshell".

Friday, May 22, 2015

Retrofit: The Uniform

We all approach midcentury style a little bit differently, but there are obviously some things we share in common. Julie Mollo, a Brooklyn-based designer and all-around sweetheart, has it down:

Tee - Julie Mollo

The pin-up/vintage lover's uniform: red lipstick, red nail polish, black eyeliner. Check, check, and check. This is a great, easy t-shirt to dress up and it's so soft.

Check out the rest of Julie's sweet creations. She just released her spring/summer collection and psst it's on sale this weekend.