Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All aboard the Soul Train!

More good news this week: Soul Train is on its way to DVD! The New York Times said that MadVision Entertainment bought the rights to the show from Don Cornelius. Can you believe that man has owned that show for 38 years? That's a long, long time. Apparently, he hasn't put out any new episodes since 2006, nor has the website [see the Soul Train link above] really been updated since then either but there are reruns on the weekend. Did you know Soul Train was still going on? Yeah, me neither. I vaguely remember the Shamar Moore takeover, but by then there was nobody really that interesting on the show anyways, and Shamar Moore was beautiful but dumb.

But the new owners have big plans for Soul Train. The older episodes are going to be available in DVD and Web streaming format but more importantly, they're going to start putting out new episodes. They better not have these new artists lipsynching, either.

A bit of nostalgia, if I may: Soul Train for me means Saturday mornings in my grandma's house in Queens. I always ate eggs, toast and tea with lots of milk and sugar for breakfast. She had a TV in her kitchen and I sat in her high chairs, my legs swinging and my butt getting stuck to the leather. I don't think I knew what I was watching, really, but I watched it anyways because it was fun [although come to think of it, no one would've changed the channel if I'd asked]. The one performance that sticks out in my mind is Kelis, when her first album, called Kaleidescope, came out. This was when she still had long curly hair with like 4 different colors: blond, pink, purple, blue, who knows. She sang "In the Morning" and it was beautiful. Worth the 99 cents iTunes charges. Whenever I hear that song, I picture that performance and I think, I like Kelis more when she was a little more R&B and a little less pop/rock.

And since it's still Stevie Wonder week...

Now Playing: Superwoman by Stevie Wonder from Music of My Mind

For whatever reason, I searched for this song on iTunes and I was surprised that there were so many covers. But maybe I shouldn't be; it's an amazing song that's experimental--the keyboards don't really sound like keyboards half the time--but still tangible, and is 2 songs in one. Another Stevie song that merits it's length. Every time I hear it, my mind and body slow down a bit and I pick up something a little different in the lyrics.

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