Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't be the same fool twice

Retro is great, but in my humble opinion there are some things that were bad enough the first time around. A list, if I may:

1. Risky business sunglasses
They were ugly and clunky then and they're ugly and clunky now.

2. Asymmetrical haircuts
Don't say no to these across the board but a lot of them are horrific. What kind of sense does it make to have one side of your hair up above your ear and the other side is weave down past your shoulder? Something a little less dramatic works, though. Bianca from America's Next Model is currently sporting a nifty asymmetrical bob: one side falls maybe an inch below her ear and the other side is right by her jaw. Quite nice.

3. Mullets
Another God-awful hair trend that needs to stay where it was. Are you kidding me? This one should be self-explanatory.

4. Tulip Skirts with Elastic Waistbands
American Apparel sells them [click here for an example] and they're going over well with the hipster set but I'm sorry those things are not cute. The billowy skirts our mothers wore during the summers of their 20s should not pop up nowadays.

What old school styles do you love? What do you hate? Let me know!


  1. All very true... I think the worst is still the mullet, by a mile. Great post!

  2. Agreed about the Risky Business sunglasses...unless of course you currently look like a young Tom Cruise...


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