Friday, June 27, 2008

drip drop drip dop

It's raining like hell today. A little bit scary, actually...someone just said, "it sounds like a car wash. Good way to put it until you hear the thunder.

And so, even if it's June and sufficiently into superhappysummer, I'm thinking of rainy day songs. A perfect one: In the Rain by the Dramatics. That was one of their biggest songs. They're a 60s male singing group in the style of the Temptations [but then again, who wasn't trying to copy and hopefully make money like the Temps?]. Sometime in the 90s, Xscape, another one of those girl groups [see previous post], remade the song for the soundtrack to "Love Jones". Not as good as the original, of course; it was watered down [pardon the pun, it was an accident I swear] and whimpy whereas the men of the Dramatics really seemed to be in pain. Absolutely amazing.

What are you favorite rain rituals? I'm sure iTunes probably covered this, but what's on your rainy day playlist? Let me know!

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