Thursday, June 12, 2008


Summer is upon us--well, not officially, not until next Saturday--but either way it's warm and that means the toes come out after a long winter in Dunks, boots, and [the horror!] Uggs.

Looking around, it seems like jellies are making an even bigger splash this summer than they were last summer. Funny, because two or three summers ago when I first started holding out hope for jellies for growns ups after seeing all the Lucite sandals, I couldn't find a pair anywhere! It was awful. But last summer, I was finally able to pick up a pair, and even though I payed too much for them [a plastic shoe should not cost more than $10, and even that must give the company some sort of ridiculous profit] I was happy. And just as the summer ended, they broke and I'm back where I started. But if anyone asks, I jumped on the return of the jellies first

Ah, jellies. The shoes of summer past, the shoes of little girls jumping double dutch or in my case climbing trees. Before Marc Jacobs, Stuart Weitzman, and Burberry were turning out hugely overpriced versions to those just catching on, little girls were rocking them hard, with a different pair to match their outfits. Summer started when you got the first new pair of jellies. They made your feet hot as hell, but you wore then anyway. Jellies are a product of the 80s. During the original jelly quest I heard a rumor on some corner of the Internet that jellies originated in Brazil. That doesn't surprise me. The so-called Third World has a remarkable talent for taking unlikely material and making them into shoes. No matter where they came from, jellies made a big splash stateside in the 80s and the affordable, plasticy, glittery footwear has not looked back since. They started in a basic sandal style like this:

then were made into flats and flip-flops. Now they're appearing in the popular gladiator style or embellished with rhinestones. But wherever jellies go, in whatever style they get there, they still remind us of grade-school summers.

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  1. Congratulations! You were actually officially the first person I saw wearing jellies again lol. Yet another reason you are qualified to write this blog.


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