Monday, June 16, 2008

music of my mind

I've decided to declare this week Stevie Wonder Week, as I will be seeing him in concert this coming Sunday. Do I even need to tell you how excited I am? And I know it hasn't even fully hit me yet, that I'm going to be seeing Stevie. Wonder. Wow. I know I will most likely be the only person celebrating my little festival but that's cool, too.

So I recommend you dust off your favorite Stevie Wonder tracks and let the good feelings flow in. Or the bad ones, if you're listening to something like Lately, an incredibly sad song, even before K-Ci & Jo-Jo took it to church.

Now Playing: Another Star by Stevie Wonder from Songs in the Key of Life

The double album Songs in the Key of Life, released in 1976, is considered by some to be the height of Stevie's career. Easy to see how people say that since it produced a string of hits like Pastime Paradise [lyrics sampled by Coolio for Gangster's Paradise], Isn't She Lovely, and I Wish [used in Happy Feet, but it'd be sad if that's the only way you knew the song].
'Another Star' is just over 8 minutes long, long for non "art" music, but it is so worth it. It has a slightly darker sound than a lot of Stevie songs but it works because the lyrics talk about the seemingly perfect lover breaking the poor guy's heart. 'Another Star' is Latin-influenced. You hear a lot of congas, there's a jazz flute solo, and the piano parts, especially the ones in the beginning, definitely recall the Spanish Caribbean. All the while his heart is shattering into pieces, you can hear the dancing. Good stuff. Listen to some of it here.

Happy Stevie Wonder Week ^_~

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