Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama wins an Emmy!

The Emmy wasn't for Obama, it was for who made the video but it's still cause for excitement. The exact award was a Daytime Emmy for 'Best New Approach in Daytime Entertainment'. I don't know how exactly it's daytime entertainment since it's on YouTube, and YouTube means anytime, any place but I'm not complaining. The video is great. It keeps the speech central, the singing is kept to a minimum, and the celebrities in the videos are believable as ones who are interested in social change. I don't know if you remember the 'What's Goin' On?' remake that came out sometime after September 11th. Didn't go off nearly as well as the piece. First off, anyone would be hard pressed to improve a Marvin Gaye song, and then the celebrities they picked were...questionable. Nelly may secretly be the next great philosopher but he sure doesn't show it in his music [and be honest: can you take a man with a grill seriously?] The video was sort of melodramatic, too, but not terrible. did something nice and understated, using a philosophy Hollywood doesn't seem to know a whole lot about: less is more.

Congrats, Senator Obama and

Stevie Wonder Song of the Day Now Playing: As, from Songs in the Key of Life

This is another gem from Songs in the Key of Life. It's a love song without the sap because Stevie realy thinks about the comparisons on this one. The meldoy starts out more on the sunny side with the bright keyboard sounds we love the 70s for. It gets a little bit darker when you get to the choir parts in the chorus and the lyrics evoke great imagery.

TV sidenote: In the episode of Will & Grace where Will marries Taye Diggs' character so Taye can stay in the country [he's Canadian], Taye sings 'As' a capella to Will! It's really sweet. Find it online somewhere to watch. I know it's floating around somewhere.

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