Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tila Tequila is full of crap (surprise, surprise)

Tila Tequila proved to the world that she is, in fact, as stupid and self-centered as she seems with her recent comments in Us Weekly. I'm sure you've all heard by now that Tila Tequila thinks she's responsible for gay marriage being legalized in California. Is she serious? For Christ's sakes, woman. I know the judges in California didn't all say to themselves, you know that chick on A Shot at Love? Yeah, she's on to something about that whole equal marriage rights for LGBTQ people.

Maybe if she were out using her enormous MySpace friend list for getting people to sign petitions or march or something friggin useful, then perhaps she could take a tiny bit of credit for rallying a group, because it's always about the group. But to say that her trashy, albeit entertaining, reality show on MTV [because clearly MTV is the one-stop shop for social consciousness, clearly] is responsible for a huge landmark legal decision is jaw-droppingly foolish. Plus think about it. The first season she picked a man, which did nothing but reinforce an unhealthy existing attitude about homo/bisexuality, the attitude that says, it's fine for two girls to mess around as long as they're both smokin' hot, but then she needs to finish her little "experiment" and go back to being straight so my masculinity isn't threatened. And it would not have gone over well for her to pick Dani anyways: Dani was a sweet, baby butch read: not the male fantasy of two hot lipstick lesbians goin' at it, dude. I'd say she ended up hurting the "gay" cause more than anything first season. Apparently, Kristy won season 2, but that doesn't make the show any less of a farce or an insult to people who take their struggles with sexuality seriously. Or even to people who take relationships seriously, period.

Oh, Tila. Quite a switch from playing the victim--poor little bi girl can't find more than a one-night stand--to the hero. Oy. I have a headache now.

And on that note, Happy Pride!

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