Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Friday, I fought my way into an 11:30 P.M. showing of The Dark Knight, and it's safe to say the movie lived up to the hype. That rarely happens, but you have to hand it to Heath Ledger; he was incredibly creepy as the Joker. He was darkly funny and on some levels, smarter than Batman & co. Christian Bale was a hot, tortured Batman that actually grew as a character over the course of the movie and Aaron Eckhart more than held is own between the other two stars. The one drawback was Maggie Gyllenhaal's character, Rachel Dawes [played by Katie "help! I'm married to a whackjob" Holmes in 'Batman Begins']. She was whiny with a cloying personality, and I'd forgotten how much her bad posture irritates me. She was much better as the brassy, chain-smoking New York Jew in that movie about Wellesley with Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunt whose title is completely escaping me at the moment. [Anyone know what it's called?] Granted, she didn't have much to work with because female characters in superhero movies tend to be like that, but she wasn't the improvement on Holmes I'd hoped she'd be.

TDK leaves room for another movie but gives you enough closure. Thankfully, it is not a rose-tinted glasses ending about Batman, Gotham, or humanity as a whole. It's smartly done and has you thinking more deeply about life than most action movies do, plus, the score is amazing [my band geek is showing, I know]. It's so good that I may actually swallow my pride--Boy, I'm sorry I made fun of your nerdiness--and read the Batman graphic novels.
There's really nothing left to be said about it except for, 'go see it'. It will be $10.50 well spent. Cheers.


  1. I admit that although I am not an avid Batman fan and I insist that he is not a superhero, only a crime fighter, I did get caught in the hype. Some friends dragged me out on midnight of opening night to see what was a very good movie. The character of two-face was amazing and the character development was awesome throughout. However, I did not get home until 4am that night because the only theater not sold out was far away over the rainbow. Was the movie worth the pain @ work the next morning? Hell NO!

  2. the movie title that escaped you is "Mona Lisa Smile"


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