Thursday, July 10, 2008

flashing lights [lights...lights...lights...]

Let's take it back to the 90s: remember those light-up sneakers that came out back there? Yup, I had a pair. Those, and the glow-in-the dark ones. Rest assured, I and everyone else that had a pair spent countless hours running around in the dark in front of mirrors watching them flash and glow and whatnot [I didn't have the girlie ones you see here--I was a huge tomboy--but you get the idea]. Of course, if you were playing tag at night, you were pretty much screwed.

This site says the original light-up sneakers were created by LA Gear and after a few tries [some of the original designs used mercury] they got it right with the LA Lights that were released in 93. They made the sneakers for kids but Fayva had a Brake Lights series for adults. LA Gear pretty much cornered that market, though; Fayva went out of business in 96. The site said LA Gear was supposed to release light up sneakers for adults but I guess that's just a nasty rumor [their site's down, to boot].

One young genius recognized the potential for flyness. This guy outta D.C. started this company called Jezign for adult light up sneakers and as of last year he was selling them in New York, Miami, L.A., Houston and D.C. through Finish Line and was trying to sell them in the Caribbean and Canada, too. They're called Bubble Clouds, and apparently Lloyd [singer] likes em.

I think the shoe itself is kind of ugly--Air Force in the front, New Balance in the back--but the concept is crazy. I would love to have these in the club. My outfit wouldn't even matter cuz I would have sneakers with lights! But alas, these are not worth the $150 they're charging. Boo.
There are glowing sneakers I might buy, though. Of course, the hard part will be trying to figure out where and how I can buy them. Anywho, let's have a gander:

Too fly, right? There's another video here, but for some reason the embedding won't work. The ones above are cooler than the ones in the video. They're "coming soon", but isn't everything? I'm far from a sneakerhead but if I find the right glow in the dark or light up sneakers, I will make them mine.


  1. I mean... I'm not gonna hate if you wear them in a club... but... I won't be in the line of dudes trying to get yo #. Not sayin that the line won't still be long lol. Good luck

  2. i sort of feel like shoes should not light up...however i would like the sneakers with wheels...they look so fun!! ;)

  3. I remember those days playing jump rope in the dark just to see my LA Gears light up. Fun times.
    It's Melissa L. from O So Chic ! Just stopping by to say thanks for reading and to let you know that The Black Issue of Vogue Italia is out in U.S. stores now. We got ours at a magazine shop in NYC. Try Barnes and Noble, Universal News, or any big magazine store. Good luck!

  4. The Jezign's are dope.


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