Thursday, July 31, 2008

I spell inspiration O-B-A-M-A

I don't even have to tell you guys that this presidential election is going to different than elections past. A woman came close to being the Democratic nominee, a black man will probably get it, the country's in a terrible slump, and politics is seeping into pop culture in a big, big way.

When the last election came around, I and my peers, the sometimes chronically un-involved under 30 crowd, were reasonably active: I had a John Kerry for President button and I sent a couple letters to people in the Midwest asking them to cast their vote for Kerry. That was extent of our involvement really, when we figure d politics came with having a mortgage, but oh, were we mistaken. I couldn't escape Obama or anything else having to do with the election if I tried. Obama has been named-checked by several rappers and hot young actors, he appeared on the September 2007 cover of VIBE, my dearest friend is taking a semester off from school [!!!] to get him elected, a *music video* about him won an Emmy award, and my 'Do you smell what Barack is cooking?' t-shirt will arrive in the mail shortly. When was the last time you bought a t-shirt with your favorite candidate's picture on it? That's what I thought. The buzz is crazy.

And now this: capitalizing on the resurgence of comics and graphic novels as something you can engage in in public, IDW Publishing is putting out a comic book about Obama's life. Granted, they're doing one about McCain too, but we all know that's just for the sake of balance. Which comic do you think will sell better? I think when the comics are released in October, Obama's will be flying off the shelves. The creators aren't making this a sort of tongue-in-cheek thing, or an allegorical thing; they're sticking to the facts, and throwing in controversy and unanswered questionss for good measure. That way, they tap the Diesel and the Dungeons and Dragons markets. I can't wait to hear what people say when they come out. This will definitely make things interesting. The minute he steps out of office--premature, yes, but a girl can dream--I know they'll make a movie about him. Starring Denzel if he still looks young enough, most likely.

What makes Obama the candidate to love, though? He inspires us. He accepts us. Case in point: there was a big Obama crew marching in the Pride parade earlier this summer and there's even a cheeky Bottoms for Obama amassing. The man can give a speech, too: I heard him speak and it resonated with everyone in the audience, plus he was building buzz at the last Democratic National Convention, nearly stealing the show from old man Kerry and babyfaced Edwards. In his own way, conservative critics complaining of Ivy League snobbery be damned, he's like all of us. His special brand of optimism is the shot in the arm the U.S. needs right now, what with people losing their homes left and right, having their kids shipped off to a senseless war, and emptying their pockets at the gas pump. And yes, the politics people on TV pointed out that Edwards looked like a boy trying to do a man's job, but youth just looks so good on Obama. Most importantly, I think, Obama is a sort of reluctant hero. He considers himself first and foremost a public servant. He didn't nominate himself; a lot of other people did. That assuages a lot of fears about ulterior motives and a threatening need for power.
The election's still a long way off, and plenty are predicting that it's in for a mighty nasty turn. Between now and November, there will be time enough for Jon Stewart, Scarlett Johanssen, Kanye West and the like to wax politic. Keep watching and GObama!
[Links coming soon, but Google Bottoms for Obama if you want a good laugh]


  1. Don't get me wrong... I am a huge Obama fan... But a McCain comic would be amazing!!! lol He was a freakin' POW.
    I do feel like some kind of traitor for saying that though... I'm gonna go make fun of Fox News or something to make up for it...

  2. Whoo hoo! Obama supporter here, too! And I campaigned for Kerry in "live free or die", get-off-my-property-or-I'll-shoot NH...that sure was an interesting experience. :) Don't think I would do that again.

  3. I loved this article! Very well written and funny.
    Slightly off topic: I wish Babyface Edwards would have kept his peter in his pants, because he would have made an awesome VP, before the mistress tarnished his name.

  4. I want that shirt dude has on!!!!

  5. Me wants that shirt. I dunno but people are taking advantage of Obama. I know my business would sell if have obama on my shirts!


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