Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A little fella that's cute and yellow and chubby...

Hello friends. I've started a Twitter stream [I'm so bad with bandwagons, forgive me] which you can find here. In the next few days, I'll pay more attention to my sidebars, hook up Now and Later with a blog roll and links and whatnot, but in the mean time, just refer to this link for my Twitter stream.

Moving right along...

I have a bad tchatchke habit [the goys among you can click here to find out what a tchatchke is. Or click here if you don't know what a goy is, either]. And recently, I've combined my magpie tendencies with a childhood favorite: I'm starting a rubber ducky collection. I'm interning at a Fortune 500 company and I have the audacity to have a rubber ducky on my desk. Trés unprofessional, but it really can't be helped. A tchatchke was bound to show up at one point or another. Plus, the ducky doubles as a stress ball for days like today.

My first ducky is a looove ducky. He's red with white hearts and he has a girlfriend! The girlfriend is with The Boy. She's white with red hearts. Are you gagging when you hear this? I felt really stupid presenting a 20 year-old guy with a rubber ducky as a token of my affection but quickly got over it when I remembered what a dork he was. Pictured at right are our Sweetheart Duckies.

Rubber duckies, of course, have been around long before I snapped up a pair. Duckies are said to date back to the early 1800s, when rubber manufacturing first started to become big business. The first duckies and other rubber toys were made with rather hard rubber, and it was a number of years before the little yellow guys got their trademark squeak. Ernie from Sesame Street made rubber duckies a bath time staple with his song. Watch him sing it below for old time's sake.

Now, rubber duckies have taken on different forms that accomodate their older admirers and collectors. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they didn't become quite so mainstream with the over-7 set until some clever person decided to slap some devil horns and demonic stare onto a lovable childhood toy to give us devil duckies and then someone came up with the morbid dead ducky. Finally, some delightfully wicked person decided adults needed to make bath time lots of fun, too, and thus was born the I Rub My Ducky vibrator. It comes in a variety of colors and for an added twist, they've come out with a ducky dressed in bondage gear, complete with ball gag. Hott. I want one.

And did you know people race rubber duckies in ducky derbies? I had no idea, but apparently the first duckie race was held in 1988 and many nonprofits use them as fundraisers.

Pick up a rubber ducky when you get a chance. It'll make you smile. Promise. Or you can just listen to this, which I found hilarious but danceable. Who knew ducky could party?

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  1. How random and cute! I've seen the devil ducky and I love that one. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I should be back from my break in a jiffy.

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