Saturday, July 12, 2008

mighty morphin' good time

Shock of the day: Power Rangers is still on TV! The Boy mentioned that he and a friend were surfing YouTube for clips of the new series. It's weird to think that this *relic* of the 90s [Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers originally aired in the U.S. on Fox Kids in 1993] is still on TV for kids with no concept of toys without batteries. Or USB ports, for that matter.

Do you remember how hot Power Rangers were in their heyday? That action-packed after school treat that was the product of the U.S. stealing yet another script from Japan? I had a Power Rangers binder [but in those days all binders were called Trapper Keeper] in the first grade and not a damn thing to put in it but I carried it around anyway. Kids all over the country were jumping off chairs and crap to pretend that they, too, had morphed and were giving Rita Repulsa what for. Of course, the fight scenes weren't much better than a Godzilla movie from the 50s, and even though the Rangers always won, they somehow managed to keep their little audience members on the edge of their seats.

To take you back, here's the opening from the original show:

Looking back, it was a politically incorrect shitshow: the Black Ranger was always getting his ass saved by the others, the girls always needed help, and who's bright idea was it to make the one Asian cast member the Yellow Ranger? But I digress. Then it got complicated: Green Ranger went from bad to good then from Green to White and then Pokemon was all over TV so we all stopped paying attention anyway.

Now in its 16th season, Power Rangers has mostly managed to stick to its fun, kitschy roots. Granted, the special effects are a little more slick, but you have the same stiff dialogue, the bad puns, the evil but hot enemy and her minions, and bad guys whose lips don't really move. They've done a lot with the show, though it's hard to say how good its been. There was Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, and the list goes on [but you can see it here.] The most recent incarnation finds a group of high school kids working at a pizza parlor but kicking ancient evil spirit ass in their spare time. They still have a Red, Blue, and Yellow Ranger but they're added Wolf and Rhino Rangers too. I've embedded the episode where the lost, angsty Rhino Ranger finally finds his niche with the others:

If I were seven, I would watch this show like nobody's business. But I wonder how much it appeals to kids now? It's definitely not Ironman or anything. People of my generation know the real deal, the originals. Red, Blue, Black, Pink or Yellow: which one did you pretend to be?


  1. As stereotypical as it was... I was the black ranger. But I am not ashamed! He dance fought! And there is nothing better than kicking ass while break dancing. But I say this with the side note that on halloween I had to be the blue ranger because the black suits were all sold out :(.

  2. He u r is still aired on jetix india network and pogo network india, i think its been filmed in new zealand..


  3. I wanted to be the yellow ranger. Although, her costume didn't come with a cute skirt, like the pink rangers.

    I think the original red ranger (Jason) and Green/white ranger (Tommy) still show up time to time on the new Gens.

    But, I can't look at Tommy the same anymore, after seeing him on MTV's Undressed

  4. He sure was on Undressed. If you type in "Jason David Frank Undressed" in YouTube, you'll find a video.

    But, don't say I didn't warn you. You'll feel all strange and uneasy seeing the Pink Ranger's boyfriend in that light.

  5. Power Rangers is still on? What the feez? I didn't like this show when I was a kid and I'm sure I wouldn't like it.


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