Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vanity's in the eye of the beholder

Last week, I was sitting at my desk and I can't remember why, but I was inspired to poke around YouTube for Vanity 6 videos. Vanity 6 was a girl group dreamed up by Prince [all hail the Purple One!]. Denise Matthews, singing as Vanity, lead a trio of lingerie-clad sexpots in the early 80s. Denise chose the name Vanity but Prince wanted her to be Vagina pronounced Vuh-GEEN-ah. Before teaming up with Prince and The Time, Matthews was a struggling actress/model but then began some sort of torrid love affair with Prince and then released an album in '82 with Vanity 6 [the 6 is for the number of boobs between them. Yeah, I know]. The album itself isn't that important from what I understand, but the single 'Nasty Girl' was. It's good, cheeky fun and was reasonably popular when it came out.

Unfortunately, things went bad with Vanity so she left Prince & friends to try to start a solo career which flopped, developed a nasty coke addiction, and then, like all good former bad girls, became a born-again Christian, raising her voice only for the Lord.

Enter Apollonia. Apollonia was another striking beauty bold enough to spend the better part of her days in black lingerie and a trench coat. She's the female star in 'Purple Rain' and in the movie she--surprise!--is the lead "singer" of a girl group called Apollonia 6 [I say "singer" because most would agree that the lovely ladies of Vanity/Apollonia 6 couldn't sing all that well...actually, a lot of their music is more spoken than anything else and when it is sung it's lukewarm at best]. Once Vanity split, they renamed the group and put out only one album in '85. 'Sex Shooter' was their biggest song, which they perform it in the movie.

If you ask me, Apollonia's the better frontwoman. I watched the Vanity 6 video for 'You're So Dull', and Vanity seemed to be shrinking into her trench.

The other 2 girlies in Vanity/Apollonia 6 were Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie. Brenda was the bad ass cigarette-smoking, leather jacket-wearing blonde and Susan was the "teenage Lolita". Prince made her 16 years old to up the forbidden factor. There's this whole kiddie porn thing about Susan; she's always wearing white lingerie and after the group is done she clutches her great big teddy bear. In the video for 'Drive Me Wild', Vanity and Brenda abduct the unsuspecting girl from her bed and as she's getting into the car, she drops her beloved bear as the car speed off into her fast and furious lifestyle. C'mon she drops the bear? An obvious metaphor for losing her innocence. Then she's on stage in her virgin bride lingerie being all sorts of nasty with her new friends...few things are raunchier than a virgin who doesn't want to be. The whole video's delightfully slutty and you can see it here [I'm not allowed to embed so click the link].

Vanity (left) vs. Apollonia (right): Who's your favorite?

Enjoy the videos! And tell me, which Apollonia 6 vixen are you?

Vanity 6 Bio
Denise Matthews Interview with VIBE Magazine


  1. Omigosh! I remember the "Nasty Girl" song. In fact, I just heard it not long ago in the Steve Carrell movie "Dan in Real Life." He dances to it in the movie...LOL.

    My hairdresser, who's a year younger than I am, refers to Appollonia as "one of Prince's sluts."

  2. I was listening to "Nasty Girl" just yesterday!
    And, I used to listen to the little 45rpm of Sex Shooter as a kid.

    But, I think I'm going to side with Vanity. Maybe because I have a soft spot in my heart for the movie, "The Last Dragon."

  3. Vanity is SO much better. If you can find it, Vanity 6 recorded "Sex Shooter" first as a demo and her vocals were replaced with Apollonia's when Vanity split for Motown. The Vanity 6 version is darker, sleazier and ultimately much, much better.

  4. Vanity was and still is better. She may be a little loony with the religion but she still got it! I've got web pictures to prove it.


  5. I had never heard Vanity 6 before reading this. OMG! I am slightly embarrassed and totally horny now

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