Monday, July 7, 2008

what's with the japanese?

I was reading TIME Magazine on the train last week and I thought I should share. You can read the article here, but long story short, the Japanese continue to make their adult movies weird: introducing elder porn, cumming soon to a DVD player near you. Or not.

While that might make a lot of us cringe [when we say mature porn here in the States, we're talking people in their 40s, maybe], this is becoming a big, big segment of Japan's adult segment. And let's be honest; elder porn is not the most disturbing thing the Japanese adult video industry has to offer. For a long time, Japan had obscenity laws that, while they allowed pornography, they were pretty strict about not showing penetration. To get money and get the audience's rocks off, Japanese pornographers came up with a genre called bukkake, which generally shows foreplay/outercourse [but no genitals? what the hell?] and then women covered in ejaculate or drinking tons of it out of martini glasses and things like that. And then hentai, of course, was the logical outgrowth of graphic novels and anime that featured supersexy cartoon babes and laws that didn't want to show penetration between real live people but that didn't count pen and ink people. Or people and aliens, animals, etc. On the whole Japanese obscenity laws are confusing and a bit silly, especially when any and everything can be found on the Internet [read about the ins and outs--pun?--of the laws here.]

So. Elder porn. Why would a nice, 70 year-old man want to put his business on display and be foolish enough to think none of his friends know about it? And why's his junk selling so well? The TIME article says that Japan has a really high number of people in that age group so there you have your market and your talent pool.

I'm playing devil's advocate here and staving off images of my grandparents in all their geriatric glory going at it in saying the Japanese may actually be onto something. On some level, it's decidedly less creepy for someone to watch a porn star their own age than to watch a nubile young thing that could be their child or grandchild. Plus, ageism is bad and annoying and it's immature of us to assume that once people hit 40 or 50, their libido disappears. Thanks to modern innovations like lube--I highly recommend Wet--Viagra, people can do it for, well, ever. Which is cool, as long as they can get the spread of STDs in nursing homes under control...grandma has no business having genital warts. That being said, I would rather watch a hundred hours of bukkake than walk in on my grandparents. Yuck.

Another thing to think about: elder porn makes a concession that pornographic and mainstream movies alike fail to do--that people get old. And they get fat, and skin starts to sag, and few people in real life have Jenna Jameson's or Tera Patrick's proportions. And that's OK. Maybe we can cross our fingers that elder porn will be part of a trend that says normal can be sexy, too, that Hollywood's ideals aren't something we necessarily have to aspire to. [Comstock Films gets it right with their line of real couples sex DVDs, but I digress.]

So what do you think? Will elder porn catch on in the States/the west, or will we still encounter only barely legal girls and 30ish tarts in our Google and LimeWire quests for something hot?

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  1. Oh my. Well I agree with your point that it's healthy to acknowledge that one's sex drive doesn't vanish after the age of 30. Also, have good sex one is not required to look like Jenna or Tara!! However, I think the U.S. is sufficiently youth-obsessed for geriatric porn to never catch on. Oh well...

  2. As a pornography frequenter I cannot honestly say that I believe this elderly viagra-rittled porn will spread like wild fire. However, the perverse nature of the human race (especially the inhabitants of this beautiful country we live in) never ceases to amaze me, so it's somewhat of a coin toss. I can definitely tell you which side of the coin I'LL be on...

  3. Well... I think about it like this. You never know what kind of stuff ppl will get into. There is already mature porn, so whats another... 30 years?

  4. This kind of porn already exists in the USA though it gets stashed under a different mantra, such as babysitter porn - i.e. my Dad slept with the babysitter etc.

    In fact some of the worst of it exists in literary form. Stories such as those found at are pretty out there.

  5. Actually just found a US-video that depicts something similar

    (NSFW) -

    I'm not promoting this porn - just making you aware that it exists already.

  6. @joe & anonymous. thanks for the links. perhaps i wasnt clear. i know this type of porn exists in the states, it just hasnt take off the way it has in japan. thanks for reading!


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