Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hodge Podge

Happy Saturday. Blogs seem to be Monday through Friday things, but I might as well post. I guess people will see it on Monday. Just a couple things:

- A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about Barack Obama. A lot of people are really curious about the 'Do You Smell What Barack is Cookin'?' t shirt. You can get it HERE from BustedTees. They have a lot of really cute stuff over there, so take a moment to browse.

- J Records is heralding the triumphant return of Mr. Brown Sugar himself. There's a D'angelo album in the works, set to be released early next year. Let's hope this isn't some sort of nasty rumor.

- The Hitchcock film poll is still going on so please vote! Only a handful of people have voted, and as anyone who's suffered through statistics knows, 12 is not a good sample size.

- Find me on MySpace and check out my Twitter stream.

Enjoy the weekend!

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