Friday, August 29, 2008

My 99 cents no. 6: Apache

A friend of mine is having an 80s-themed party but then again, who isn't these days? I'm excited, though, because it gives me a reason to once again take up my quest for the perfect faux gold dookie rope chain a la Big Daddy Kane [any assistance anyone can offer would be great] and spend the entire night doing the running man.

I imagine my night at the 80s party could easily turn into slurring the words to 'Like a Virgin' with the friends that vodka and cranberry has won me, but I hope against all hope that that is not the case. What do I want to hear? Hopefully, I'll hear Apache by Sugarhill Gang. A funky song with a built-in dance without the nuances of the 'Crank that Soulja Boy' will definitely get the party started. 'Apache' is one of the singles on the historic group's second album '8th Wonder', released in 1979. It's a crazy dance track that reached new heights of popularity with an episode of Fresh Prince. Oh, what shenanigans Will and Carlton get into! Demonstrated below:

And for the full song, click below:

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Are you ready to dance yet? I am.

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  1. I used to listen to the 45rpm in my Grandma's basement all the time.
    I never realized, until recently, that it is actually a pretty long song


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