Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night 2 @ the DNC

I really have no business "covering" the convention, as there's so much I don't know about politics, but I'm going to do it anyway. Bear with me.

I missed some of the goings on, but I caught all the big stuff. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick delivered a good speech, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I did really like Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's speech, though. He looked the part of a rancher turned governor, complete with a lariat instead of a tie. His speech was very forceful and very much in favor of Obama. The analysts had all remarked on the first night that the Democrats weren't going after McCain with enough force, but I think Gov. Schweitzer put that concern to rest.

Hillary Clinton did a fabulous job. She really seemed sincere and as far as I could see and she did a fairly good job of putting the animosity of her supporters to bed. People are stuck in their ways and are going to do what they're going to do, but the open-minded Clinton reporters are going to obey their leader's marching orders, I think. Clinton drove home the point that electing McCain would screw us allA lot of people called into CNN to comment on that night and of the 15 minutes I watched, only one person complained about Hillary, so overall I think it went over pretty well. And by the way, I loved that color she was wearing.

So now what? I hope last night was enough to get the bitter Hillary supporters to suck it up and not vote for John McCain. That crazy old man...God help us.

[Funny joke from my cousin: "If McCain is the answer, then the question must be, 'who has a platinum AARP card?'"]

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  1. Hillary's peeps held up four versions of her pantsuit in front of the stage and I knew she would go with the orange, as that was the color that popped against the bright blue curtains. I loved Michelle Obama's dress but the teal color didn't really stand out on the already blue background. (Sorry, I'm the unofficial graphic designer at my company and notice these things.)

    I loved Joe Biden's speech last night, and Bill Clinton's as well. It's pretty admirable to me that Biden raised his sons as a single father for a while and was always there for them, while holding a demanding career. That was pretty evident when his son Beau said he was always there to tuck him and his brother in at night.

    Yeah, can't wait to start Lindy Hop classes...a little scared, but excited!


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