Monday, August 25, 2008

Red Hot! part 2

Raquel Welch
Redhead number 2 is Raquel Welch. Her hair's not terribly red in this photo, but it's red enough for me. Born Raquel Tejada in 1940, Raquel was the product of an Irish mother and a Bolivian father. She made her mark in beauty contests and quickly became one of the queens of the 60s. The people responsible for her career saw great potential in the budding star but were worried about her not being palatable enough for white audiences, so they changed her last name. She fought to keep her own first name, though. Raquel Welch had a body that just wouldn't quite, though many would argue that her body of work wasn't much to write home about. Her turn in One Million Years B.C. featured her in a little leather nothing bravely facing the prehistoric world. Some call her performance in One Million Years B.C. the biggest turn for the bikini stateside. Playboy called her the 'Most Desirable Woman' of the 70s. Raquel Welch is still around now, though in tasteful suits rather than fur and leather bikinis. Actually, she's been known to look back at her career and say that being a sex symbol was at times nasty work. Wikipedia says she was in a CBS show called Welcome to the Captain that started this year. I've never heard of it, but maybe it was good.

Raquel Welch on Wikipedia

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  1. Awesome posts about some of my favorite redheads! I hope you're enjoying your red hair. :)


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