Monday, August 11, 2008

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

If you haven't heard already, soul singer and composer Isaac Hayes was found unconscious next to his treadmill yesterday. I have yet to find out what he passed away from, but when I find out, I will be sure to let you know. It's been a bad week for entertainers all around--Morgan Freeman's care accident, Bernie Mac's passing, and now Hayes--but this is especially sad and eerie because Tabitha of Cover that Mother commented on my Rick James post that Isaac Hayes is known mostly as the voice of Chef on South Park.

Isaac Hayes, born in a Tennesse shack, was a self-taught musician who had actually wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. He was most famous for his 1969 album 'Hot Buttered Soul' and the soundtrack for the hit movie 'Shaft', starring Richard Roundtree. His theme for 'Shaft' got him an Academy Award, and he was nominated for another Oscar for the score, making him the first black artist to take home an Academy Award in that category. His 'The Look of Love', a dreamy ballad lasting just over 11 minutes has helped boost the careers of some contemporary artists as well: Ashanti used it in 'Rain on Me' and Jay-Z used it on 'Can I Live'. More recently, Hayes worked as the voice of Chef on South Park, but left after becoming offended by the show's pokes at Scientology. Mr. Hayes was only 65 when he passed.

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  1. I was shocked that he passed away, mainly because he had made it a point to take excellent care of his body with excersize, etc. He had an unforgettable voice. The older I get, the younger people seem when they pass away. 65 really is young. A loss.


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