Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Caffeine-free Chronicles, pt. 1

NB: This has nothing to do with the subject of this blog, though as the series continues, I may throw in some historical background and interesting facts.

Sunday, I drank a Red Bull and felt only slightly less tired than I had before [again, paying for that night of revelry]. Apparently, my dreadful summer internship has left me with something other than a nice nest egg: I now have an insanely high tolerance to caffeine. Day after day, I had to fight the urge to snooze as I waited for my wheedling, inept supervisor to find things for me to do. I started sucking down iced coffee and then Red Bull to cope. Now, I'm screwed. I don't want to get to midterms and have to chug enormous amount of caffeine to stay awake because I'm scared of what will happen. Besides, at $2.99 per Red Bull, caffeine's an expensive habit much like gambling or porn. I decided on Sunday after a big, fat yawn that I would lay off caffeine for a month [egads!] to lower my tolerance [my caffeine strike is probably good for my body as well, but that's beside the point]. I realize now I'd best modify that statement: I will not have caffeine until October 15 unless it's in chocolate. That's about when my midterms start. Wish me luck. Monday was the first day with my new resolution in place and I was floating in and out of consciousness during 2 of my classes. What's worse is, I know I can get coffee from the carts on the various street corners for 85 cents should Red Bull not be in my budget. I pass the carts and it's so hard not to cave. Enjoy a grande caramel macchiato with whole milk for me.

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    XOXO - Maxine


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