Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My 99 Cents: Freaks Come Out at Night

Hello. Hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer. I am. Sort of. I'm cranking out assignments and looking out the window because I have to pay for this weekend's shopping and partying. I spent Saturday night dancing to all manner of mashups, house, and hip-hop wearing tons of eyeliner and a fabulous sequined miniskirt that turned the men's heads, straight and gay alike. That's why it seems appropriate that this week's 99 cents is 'Freaks Come Out at Night' by Whodini. Whodini was a big rap group of the 80s, delivering fun lyrics over funky beats for the pickiest breakers. My favorite verse:
Now when freaks get dressed to go out at night
They like to wear leather jackets, chains and spikes
They wear rips and zippers all in their shirts
Real tight pants and fresh mini skirts
All kinds of colors runnin' through their hair
And you could just about find a freak anywhere
But then again, you could know someone all their life
But might not know they're a freak unless you see them at night

I couldn't make one of my nifty mixtapes for you, so here's the YouTube video.

I love the Vocoder towards the end. A nice twist, but it's not abused the way it is in T-Pain songs. Don't get me started on T-Pain. Oy. Have a wonderful day, and remember to let your freak flag fly.

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