Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paddington Bear Turns 50

You probably saw this on Google, but yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the first Paddington Bear book , "A Bear Called Paddington". What an adorable little bear. As much fun as Corduroy? I don't know. Corduroy was my favorite adventurous bear when I was little and my mom likes to tell me that she nearly went crazy reading that to me almost every night before bedtime.

I know this is getting dangerously close to mommy blogging territory but Paddington is such a fun story for little kids. Do little kids even read Paddington any more? My 4 year-old cousin is heavy into High School Musical and all the other non-animated crap on Disney. I'll forego the rant about lost innocence in kids due to the advent of technology. For now, happy birthday, Paddington Bear! Buy your favorite toddler a book today.

Anniversary celebrations for Paddington

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  1. This bear brings me sweet memories of my childhood, so nice!


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