Friday, December 5, 2008

Imitation of LIFE, pt. 2

I was poking around in the LIFE photo archives, hoping to find a hot, hot picture of Rock Hudson but instead stumbled upon this:
This is Sammy Davis, Jr. singing with Matt Dennis on the TV Show "The Big Party" in 1959. Rock Hudson is the tall, dark-haired fellow you see over Davis' right shoulder. What a lovely party we missed!

And here, the gorgeous Rock Hudson in all his hunky glory:

This is what I would've wanted for Christmas. If he weren't dead. And gay. But oh, isn't he scrumptious.


  1. I hear ya...I want Kevin Spacey for Christmas, if he weren't (supposedly) gay as well. But oh, what fun it would be to try to turn him straight!

  2. I want them to clone Kevin Spacey so we can both get one. I didn't know he was gay, but we can totally work on that. But you know what they say about all the hot ones, married, gay, or taken. Rock Hudson was sexxxy as hell! Then of course there's James Dean who was so totally gay, too, damn...they are all dead and gay....time travel...!!!

  3. James Dean too??? Wow, I didn't hear about that...geez.

    Well there's my other fave, Bobby Darin, who most certainly was not gay (although he's dead.) But if anyone has been watching Grey's Anatomy lately, apparently there *is* a way to have sex with a dead guy.

    I'm totally up for the cloning idea...

  4. I would have loved to have been at that party, getting fashion tips from Rock...chilling out with Sammy.


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