Tuesday, April 14, 2009

While I Was Out...

As you remember, I spent the semester studying in the Dominican Republic. I'm back now, readjusting to the States bit by bit and missing dear Santo Domingo. While I did get to
watch some American TV (God Bless Cultural Imperialism), I've been out of the loop. Things I missed of note:

Tough Love: Another reality show about dating. The difference with this one is that matchmaker Steve Ward. He takes 8 women with a series of issues that makes them "undateable". They have personality labels like The Ball-Buster, Mis-Guided, and the Gold Digger and it's up to Steve, with all his uncut Jersey honesty to fix the poor souls that have put themselves in his hands. (Note: Steve grew up in Philly but I think that's the part of Philly that's more or less Jersey). The concept of this show makes me ill, that women are the ones that are always screwing up in relationships. Thank you, Viacom, for making another quick buck from praying on women's insecurities. The show's opening credits say it outright: single women are lonely and needy. Besides, the show uses the cheesy device of numbered rules from Ward's book. What about a dating show to rehabilitate men who cheat, men who are clingy, who have really ridiculous standards of beauty? An interview with Ward on the VH1 Blog he says Tough Love is a dating show from a male perspective. You're kidding, right? Ward then goes on to say he'd love to show some men some Tough Love as well, and that the guys he sets the women up with have their own issues he wish he has time to help them with. As many problems as I have with this show, though, I'll be watching the reruns while I'm sitting around waiting for my internship to start.

Cast Bios

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Right when this happened, I heard about it, even if I was thousands of miles away. The whole thing--the way the press and the fans handled it, to the situation itself--was awful. That's why I can't understand how I've come back to hear people saying, "Don't make me Chris Brown you" like that's funny. Stop, please. A little sensitivity would be nice.

Angels & Demons:
Should be decent, but why can't Tom Hank be sexier?

Keri Hilson: I love Keri Hilson. She's beautiful, talented, and brings a lot of interesting (read: dance/electronica) sounds to R&B. And her style is crazy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Why didn't anyone tell me Prince was coming out with a new album/set of albums?!?!