Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While I Was Out, Pt. 2

You'd think in 4 months outside of the States, I would've missed a lot of important entertainment happenings, but I haven't. It's true what they say: the more things change, the more things stay the same. Soulja Boy? Check. Songs with dumb, built-in dances? Check. Lil' Wayne doing guest verses for everyone in life? You see where this is going.

Electrik Red caught my attention, partly because they're an interesting take on a classic. They're single "So Good" (with a remix featuring who but Weezy) is slinky sexy fun. I'd argue it's sexy fun in the vein of Apollonia/Vanity 6. Yes, Electrik Red is just the sort of sex-soaked girl group Prince would've dreamed up in his Dirty Mind days.

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In fact, "So Good" relies on a sample from "If I Were Your Girlfriend", Prince's gender-bending ode to the intimacy that only exists between a girl and her bestie. Look at it: four beautiful young women cooing raunchy lyrics over danceable, synth-heavy beats, and an ambiguously ethnic frontwoman. For all their fluff, I think this one might end up on my iPod.

Electrik Red on VIBE.com

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