Monday, June 15, 2009

Up | 3D v2.0

I'm sorry my updating has been so sporadic. I've had to do a lot of thinking to decide whether or not it was even worth it to keep Now and Later going and what new direction I would be taking the blog in.

Saturday I finally got to see Up. I don't even think I realized it was in 3D, but I got really excited when the woman at the theater handed me a pair of 3D glasses. I know I've seen at least one 3D movie but I can't remember when it was.

It's kind of cool that Disney/Pixar are bringing 3D back, though. You'd think it'd be more popular since the technology has existed for about 150 years, though it didn't have it's "golden age" until the 50s.

Fun fact: 'Dial M for Murder' was in 3D when it first came out. Didn't know that until recently, but Grace Kelly being strangled in 3D must've been really creepy for audiences back then.

History of 3D movies

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