Monday, July 13, 2009

Drew Barrymore on my block

I don't do celebrity stalking, but I couldn't help it: this morning, I posted on my Twitter that Drew Barrymore is shooting a movie across the street from my apartment at Pratt Institute.

I came out and there were all these trucks and a craft services table under a tent. I was going to keep going, 'cause, you know, the New York is to not be interested in a film crew on your street, but a man sitting in a chair said it was a Drew Barrymore movie. Just as she said that, she walked through the gates, and I nearly got trampled by 6 paparazzi. The sign that tells residents where they can't park said the movie's called Going the Distance. I haven't really enjoyed anything with Drew Barrymore since Charlie's Angels, but I may watch it just to see the scenery and say, "hey! I know that sculpture."

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