Thursday, July 23, 2009

Retrofit: I Need Your Help!!

Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Ladies, this is a cry for help. I'm looking for a pair of black and white spectator pumps. Kind of like the ones on the right. But not actually like those. [More after the jump]

I want spectator pumps without any sort of strap and either an almond toe or a round toe. No stilettos, please; as sexy as they are, you can only really walk in them for an hour. On a good day. I don't want to pay too much more than $50 for them. Being a college student is an expensive way of being broke. I know these shoes are out there, in the far corners of the Interweb. I just need the help of people who are better and sniffing out the best vintage and vintage-inspired finds for good prices.

[photo from Babygirl Boutique]

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  1. I've seen them on many sites but only with big heels. If I find one with your specs I'll pass it along. Thanks for the "you might also like" widget link - that was really easy to add! And hope my shout out sends some traffic your way.


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