Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Spirit of 54

I was clicking through after reading a depressing story about the future of journalism, when I found an older article about the triumphant return of disco. The article says disco has reappeared because the usual club sounds in Europe got stale but I'd like to argue disco never went away.

Gay clubs are more visible in most major cities and *black* music is more mainstream than ever, but the spirit of disco hasn't really changed. The drama, the color, the crazy, the excess is all still there. Yes, the drugs are a little different, and gone are Studio 54 and The Garage, but there are still the people that make sure they don't get home til 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, makeup gone, American Apparel lame a little less shiny, but wasn't it worth it. Disco is a lifestyle, more than anything. Lady Gaga doesn't rely on lush strings and wah-wahs like her foremothers the original disco queens, but her ridiculous outfits, her incredibly danceable music, and her exploration of sex is right at home in the spirit of the 70s. Hercules and Love Affair keep the strings and bass lines of yesteryear, but push their sound further. Disco shifts, it borrows from rock, pop, hip-hop and whatever else but it's never died, and probably won't.

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