Friday, July 24, 2009

Very First Award!

Great news...Pop-o-matic Deluxe just got its first blog award! Many thanks to GoRetroGirl over at GoRetro, a lovely site in its own right. Here it is, my badge of honor:

This award means a lot to me because lately I've been really discouraged. I don't get many readers and I was beginning to think no one was listening or cared. But she thinks my blog is a good read. That's a great thing to hear when you're trying to be a writer in your grown-up life. Thanks again!


  1. wow i just discovered your blog and i LOVE it! you totally deserve the above award!!

    heading down the line to read your older posts now!!

  2. Thx for the mention back and I am glad a new reader found you. I get discouraged, too. Some people get so many comments on their retro blogs on similar topics that we post about. I guess just keep writing and it has to gain more fans eventually.


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