Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"College Student" Is a Nice Way of Saying "Poor"

I have one year left in school, and things aren't getting any cheaper. In what is probably a silly attempt to make more money, I've started writing for Associated Content. The problem with this is that I get paid based on how many people. So click on over to my Cosby Show piece while I find other ways to support my Starbucks habit.


  1. I just emailed you an invite to join Helium.com (it may go to your junk mail box, just in case.) I've sold some articles through their Marketplace section and I like the way it's set up - web publishers looking for articles post the word count, due date, etc. and you submit your article through their site. You also make money by posting regular articles to their site. Their staff is usually pretty professional and responsive when people need help. They actually just offered me a copywriting job at their office which is based near me, but I couldn't take it as I already have a full-time marketing job.

  2. Great article on The Cosby Show, BTW. That was one of my favorite 80s sitcoms.


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