Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel

I've been away for so long! Another one bites the dust, friends. I have Dell to thank for that.

If you haven't yet heard, Disney has bought Marvel Comics [home to the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man] for $4 billion. Marvel has 5,000 characters by itself, and Disney's CEO and President says Disney will be adding its "creative skills" to Marvel. What will become of this unholy union? Here are some Disney characters that could would be better if Marvel took them over:

Mulan, Ninja:Mulan gets bitten by a radioactive panda and transformed to a super ninja. Fangirls have been complaining for years that no comics publishers have come out with an interesting female character that isn't just a fluffy, sexed-up spinoff of a male character. You kind of get the sense that once Mulan gets the guy at the end of her movie, she goes on to be a normal wife. That's fine and all but duh, she's a warrior! She should be out rescuing people and stuff.

Toy Story Crime Force: Instead of ordinary toys, Woody and friends are actually super-spies whose helps them easily infiltrate enemy organizations.

Snow White, Iron Maiden: As she stands, Snow White is kind of boring as she stands. She would be great as a knight with super cool swords. Her woodland friends could lend a helping hand, too, but her right-hand man would obviously be her horse. The Dwarves would train her in hand-to-hand combat, etc., then set her free in the woods with only a flask of water and a little dagger. Once she got home, they would make her the Iron Maiden and fashion her armor from the finest materials.

What other Disney stories need a Marvel makeover? I'll compile them and make them into a new post.

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  1. i like the marvelisation of the all the characters you've chosen..but to be honest I think that all the disney princesses could do with a marvel make-over (some more than others - obviously)can't think of anyone else but I'm sure many other desiney characters would benifi of a marvelisation! My fear is that it will go the other way around - a disneyfication *shudder*

  2. Hey, found your blog through 20SB, specifically Nerdy Girls and Boys Bloggers. You seemed like a nerd after my own heart, so I thought I'd check your blog out. There is one possible plus side to this radical union: Kingdom Hearts with a Marvel World! I agree that Disney Princesses could use a marvel make over; my pick: Princess Jasmine.


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