Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Elementary, My Dear Downey, Pt. 2

Back in May, I posted about the Sherlock Holmes movie coming out in December. Guess what? Warner Bros. is already talking about a sequel. Featuring Brad Pitt.

Risky Biz Blog reported that the guys who are working on the upcoming Justice League movie have been brought in to write the screenplay for the second Holmes movie since the trailer from the first one went over so well at Comic-Con. As of now, it looks like the main cast (Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams) is all set
to come back, and Brad Pitt is in with talks with producers to play Holmes' nemesis Professor Moriarty. His role isn't confirmed yet.

It's great that Brad Pitt has managed to stay around a long time and all, but I can't see him as a villain. When you watch him in a movie, you are watching Brad Pitt. You can't really forget
the heartthrob persona that's followed him through his career. And come on: after playing the god-like, swift-footed, golden-haired, seriously ripped, completely hairless and mostly naked Achilles in Troy, how can he ever go back? Hell, are we even supposed to believe he's English? How do you turn Achilles into this skinny, seedy little man that rule's London's underworld?

More importantly, who do you think would be a better villain?

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment - it's a real pleasure to meet you. Loving the look of your blog. Sherlock Holmes - crikey! Is he putting on the accent?

    Polly x

  2. I'm so so so excited for Sherlock Holmes. You're right, Brad is kind of a strange choice for that role. I bet they're secretly trying to put as many attractive men in the movie(s) as possible. Maybe they know that there are a lot of ladies who are already drawn to the film. haha When I think creepy, skinny villain, I think somebody like John Malkovich...

  3. Sherlock holmes is set to be my favourite movie this year. I have very high expectations. oh, and I LOVE ROBRERT DOWNEY JUNIOR!

    btw, just came across your blog. me likey.


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