Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Men Comes to Oprah

As much as I find Oprah to be self-righteous and irritating, I have to hand it to her: she has to the good sense to capitalize on Mad Men's huge popularity.

Today, she's going to be an all-out Maddict: Jon Hamm and January Jones appear as guests, her Favorite Things will come from the period, the cast of Jersey Boys will perform, and, best of all, the entire audience will be dressed in costumes from the decade. Oprah herself will be wearing a custom-made outfit from the show's costume designer. Apparently, Oprah's more a Joan than a Peggy. Lucky cow. Tune in to catch it. I'll have to settle for watching it online since I have class.

Side note: a friend suggested to me that Oprah might secretly be doing Gayle. Thoughts?
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  1. I totally don't mind you posting about looks like a really fun show. Even The Jersey Boys are gonna perform!

  2. Love your blog as well! Thank you for stopping by a leaving a comment!

    I personally just see this as Oprah jumping on the Mad Men wagon along with everyone else. I think it's kinda sad that it took a drama series to get people interested in this decade. It just goes to show even more how "sheeplike" people really are :(


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