Friday, October 16, 2009

Repeat (1): Jungle Love by Morris Day & The Time

For some time I had a weekly "feature" called My 99 cents, where I spotlit the songs I loved and downloaded from iTunes. I put an end to it when someone pointed out it didn't make sense to do that without giving the song away for free. I haven't figured out how to give away music, nor do I feel comfortable doing it, but I think it's worth bringing it back. This time, it's the tunes that make my old soul sing, the songs you forget you had but once you find them, you can't stop playing them. This week: Jungle Love.

Morris Day and the Time were the "opposing" band in Purple Rain, drawing bigger crowds and more money than The Kid. Funnily enough, The Time was a Prince project, with His Royal Badness writing and producing most of their music (just like Apollonia/Vanity 6, also featured in Purple Rain).

Jungle Love is one of the big songs from the movie, complete with dance moves and shiny suits. Of course, there's no movie clip on YouTube but here's the group riding the wave of their comeback performing in Germany. Sweet dance moves, right?:

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Mad Men on 20-Something Bloggers

I've you've passed through my blog any time over the past three months, you've noticed that I'm a big fan of Mad Men on AMC. Now, I'm sharing the love with everyone on 20SB!
20 Something Bloggers is a great community, definitely worth checking out. I've started a group called Maddicts: Mad Men Fans. Pass it along! It's important for Maddicts to stick together.

You can see my 20SB page here. Don't be a stranger!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mad Hat-her

Yesterday, my school hosted a street fair. I found a woman who works restoring and selling vintage hats. A beautiful fedora caught my eye and it fit me perfectly. A Stetson Playboy. I felt just like a missing member of the Rat Pack. This is what it looked like, with a red feather instead.

The woman was charging $55, a bit much I thought, for a hat that had been worn. I had to leave it there and it broke my heart. I'm now on a quest to find this hat, the same way I'm looking for the perfect spectator shoes. If you, savvy shoppers, see this hat or have it in your Etsy shop, let me know! And tell me, what great vintage finds have you guys dug up in flea markets, shops, and your grandma's attic?
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beefcake: Burt Reynolds

I found this great photo and I just had to share:

Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

There's still time!

You can still win a fabulous Julie Hewett lipstick fgrom the Noir collection. Just send your answer to the trivia question to me at for your chance to win!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Pop-o-matic Deluxe Giveaway!

It's been a lovely 15 months here at Pop-o-matic Deluxe. Frustrating at times, but I've found people that are friendly, stylish and just as old-fashioned as I am. In short, you guys are the bee's knees. The cat's meow, if you will. So I present to you my first giveaway. Hope you like trivia...

The Question:
Don Draper said, "All men love Joan Crawford", but let's not forget her female fans. She was great as a noir heroine, but she started much earlier. Before she was calling the shots wearing smart suits in Mildred Pierce, what was Joan Crawford's big movie?

We like to think of her as a femme fatale, so I'm giving the first two people to email me the right answer a Julie Hewett lipstick from her noir collection.

The colors are rich and glide on beautifully. I'm wearing sin noir here [ignore how terrible my hair looks]:

Send your answer to me at to win! Enjoy!

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Swingin' Betty Boop

Sorry for disappearing. Shit School has hit the fan and there was a family death, etc. A nightmare. But here I am! And stay tuned...something big is coming. The beauty of being an American Studies student is that I can do things like watch cartoons and call it academic work. That's what our professor had us do in my jazz studies class a few weeks ago. We watched cartoons featuring that hot little lady, Betty Boop.

Her creators, brothers Dave and Max Fleischer, loved jazz and always looked for ways to incorporate into it their works. They were big Louis Armstrong fans, as you can tell from this offensive gem from about 1932:

I really liked this one featuring Cab Calloway singing St. James Infirmary. The Fleischer brothers studied Cab Calloway's dancing, following him frame by frame and the result is amazing [and sort of trippy]. The full cartoon is a little more than 7 minutes long, but bear with me. It's really great:

Isn't the song amazing? I downloaded it right after class. I listen to a lot of jazz from the 50s to the 80s [some argue in the 80s it wasn't jazz any more, but for the sake or argument it is] so I forget how great earlier artists were. What do you think about the cartoons? What do you love about Betty Boop?

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