Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mad Hat-her

Yesterday, my school hosted a street fair. I found a woman who works restoring and selling vintage hats. A beautiful fedora caught my eye and it fit me perfectly. A Stetson Playboy. I felt just like a missing member of the Rat Pack. This is what it looked like, with a red feather instead.

The woman was charging $55, a bit much I thought, for a hat that had been worn. I had to leave it there and it broke my heart. I'm now on a quest to find this hat, the same way I'm looking for the perfect spectator shoes. If you, savvy shoppers, see this hat or have it in your Etsy shop, let me know! And tell me, what great vintage finds have you guys dug up in flea markets, shops, and your grandma's attic?
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  1. did you try to bargain?? I bet you could have talked her down to $45 (and then it would have been a STEAL).

    no fedoras in my shop these days, but I recently listed this frackin awesome new wave meets steampunk 1980s pink and black striped blouse that I love. Makes me want to listen to Glass Candy and watch Labyrinth.

  2. Cute hat - too bad the guys don't seem to be embracing wearing fedoras as much as girls are.

    The font I used is called Airstream. You can download it for free on the site They have lots of great retro typefaces.

  3. There actually are a group of men which I think is growing, who wear these wonderful hats ALL of the time. There is a great site, a forum for these men and the women who are in to it too, called the Fedora Lounge. You should go check it out, its quite cool.


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