Friday, October 16, 2009

Repeat (1): Jungle Love by Morris Day & The Time

For some time I had a weekly "feature" called My 99 cents, where I spotlit the songs I loved and downloaded from iTunes. I put an end to it when someone pointed out it didn't make sense to do that without giving the song away for free. I haven't figured out how to give away music, nor do I feel comfortable doing it, but I think it's worth bringing it back. This time, it's the tunes that make my old soul sing, the songs you forget you had but once you find them, you can't stop playing them. This week: Jungle Love.

Morris Day and the Time were the "opposing" band in Purple Rain, drawing bigger crowds and more money than The Kid. Funnily enough, The Time was a Prince project, with His Royal Badness writing and producing most of their music (just like Apollonia/Vanity 6, also featured in Purple Rain).

Jungle Love is one of the big songs from the movie, complete with dance moves and shiny suits. Of course, there's no movie clip on YouTube but here's the group riding the wave of their comeback performing in Germany. Sweet dance moves, right?:

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