Monday, November 9, 2009

Retrofit: Undergarments

I know some of my readers are die-hard vintage girls, digging through bins and thrift shops and Grandma's attic for the best piece. I've loved old-fashioned clothing for a long time, but I have to say, I don't really own many myself. Part of the trouble is sizing. I'm a busty girl, even though I'm not very wide. So many times I've had to leave great dresses on the rack because it was just too tight across the chest. That's why I get excited when I find vintage garments on Etsy or other sites that look like they'd fit my bust well. But then there's the other problem: the waist. I don't know that my waist will ever be 25 inches. As with my hunt for spectator pumps [still looking, by the way], I'm asking advice from shoppers: do you find that you also need Shapewear or vintage-inspired undergarments to go with your dresses?

[photo via Etsy. I'm crushing on this suit so hard but it would never fit my waist without help!]
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