Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Soft Rock Songs that Rock

Last night in the wee hours, Becca of b. vikki vintage and I were all a-twitter about VH1's 40 Soft-sational Soft Rock Songs. I did a Thursday 13 list a while back and I think it's time again. VH1's really inspired me. Soft rock reminds me of my godmother's house in Queens, an odd contrast to the calypso always playing in my grandparent's house across town. Oh, what fond, fuzzy memories! I heart cheese:

1. Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler: I wish they'd played this song at my prom. But why such a creepy video?

2. Summer Breeze, Seals and Croft: Great song. What exactly does it mean? Who cares?

3. A Horse with No Name: This was pretty high up on VH1's list and it's at the top of mine now. Very earthy, and hippy-ish. Love it.

4. Cruisin', Huey Newton & The News ft. Gwenyth Paltrow: I don't know if this counts, but I'm counting it.

5. Open Arms, Journey: I usually cringe when I hear the name Journey because all I can think of is drunk people falling over themselves screaming the lyrics to 'Don't Stop Believing'. But then VH1 listed this song and my heart sang. I usually think of this song as being by Mariah Carey but Journey's version is quite good.

6. What A Fool Believes, The Doobie Brothers: Oh, Michael McDonald: thanks for the link, Becca

7. Kiss from a Rose, Seal: One song that actually sounds really good when a capella groups do it.

8. Superstar, The Carpenters: A nice foundation for Luther Vandross to build on later. Heartbreaking lyrics.

9. Kokomo, The Beach Boys: Such wordplay! A karaoke gem.

10. Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper: Even rebels have a soft spot, right Cyndi? Listen to this song, and you can cut the number of 80s teen movies you watch in half.

11. If I Could Turn Back Time, Cher: The immortal, the unstoppable, the scarily Botox-ed Cher. God, I love her.

12. Angel of the Morning, Juice Newton: Juice? Her name is Juice? But that aside, it does sort of rock you to sleep, doesn't it?

13. I Just Wanna Stop, Gino Vannelli: I'm in love.

Honorable Mentions: Say You, Say Me, Lionel Ritchie; As I Lay Me Down, Sophie Hawkins

Here's VH1's list. What are your favorites?
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  1. Happy New Year and great list! I must confess that I'm a sucker for Air Supply ("Even the Nights Are Better") and Captain and Tenille's "Do That To Me One More Time." I've been meaning to do a favorite sappy song list on my blog.


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