Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mildred Pierce, Redux

Bad news, kids: Hollywood is dipping into the well to remake another classic. Kate Winslet is taking up the title role that made Joan Crawford a big star again in talkies after her time as a silent screen star as a younger woman (she won the Oscar for her performance in 1945). Evan Rachael Wood will be playing Veda, the wicked daughter who makes those fish that feed off their mother's bodies look like tame. The movie, which begins filming in April, is planned as a five-hour miniseries on HBO (what, it's not good enough for the theatre?) and will be directed by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven). What do you think? Will this be a dreadful remake in the vein of Disturbia, based on Hitchcock's genius film Rear Window? Either way, I could see the right hair and makeup making Ms. Winslet a pretty convincing approximation of Joan Crawford.

Either way, let's pause to remember the original:

[photo via Cinematical]

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  1. Hmmm. It always seems like such a bad idea to remake movies when the original was so iconic, doesn't it?

    And Joan Crawford's are a very big pair of shoes to step into.

  2. I feel the same way. It bums me out every time there's a new remake. It's as if they're sweeping the original away. Who knows though, maybe the remakes will inspire another generation to see the original and give a whole new life to it, inspiring an entirely new group of people to fall in love with the classics.

  3. ooh, looks like it will be good! i love kate winslet.

  4. Right, if anyone were to do it, Kate Winslet is it, but even she can't save bad writing.


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