Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Christina Hendricks in Esquire

Christina Hendricks is the reigning sexpot over at Sterling Cooper, and she's turning a lot of heads in our modern world, too. This month, she's on the cover of Esquire in their "Women" issue. Photos after the jump.

The thing about Christina Hendricks is it's really hard to make her look bad. So even though this cooler red hair color isn't as flattering as her usual shade, and even though her beautiful blue eyes get lost on the cover, she still looks amazing.

That being said, people are still not happy with how she's being portrayed. In interviews, all anyone can talk about is how curvy she is and what she eats (like it's anybody's damn business. But for the record, she loves jalapeƱo poppers.). Shooting her eating a watermelon is somehow obscene but not in the way it'd be obscene if she were shot eating, say, a banana. It's weirdly voyeuristic. That's the price a woman pays she's not size 0 ingenue type. Her body is always up for discussion, no matter how many Emmys her TV show wins or how much you want to know what she thinks her character thinks about her dreadful husband.

Read the full Esquire article here.

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