Sunday, June 13, 2010

Retrofit: Perfect Dress for a Picnic

I've long lusted after the lovely clothes on ModCloth and now I've finally picked up a dress of my very own. Behold, the Soda Fountain Dress in ginger.

Belt, Rainbow
Shoes, Anne Klein

It's a basic shirtwaist dress, made of light cotton and the color is great (I was a little worried about that when I ordered it).The dress comes with its own cotton belt in the same color of the dress, but I though a cinch belt would be smarter. It's a great dress for during the day. I'd recommend thinking about your boobs when your order this; I'm admittedly a bit top-heavy (I'm not very wide but I'm a 34DD), and even with a minimizing bra on, I had some pulling in the chest. Commenters on ModCloth complained about the same thing. I'll either look into a different bra or get it altered a bit. Remember, when it arrives in the mail, it will be horribly wrinkled, so use some starch when you iron it. I didn't, and it was wrinkled again within minutes. Still, it's a great buy! I might even get the same dress in black.

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  1. You got the Soda Fountain dress! I have been lusting over that one for quite a while now, but it always seems sold out. Love ModCloth!

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. The dress looks amazing on you. That yellow!!! I love it.
    -Andi x

  3. Thanks so much, guys! I'm really glad it worked out.

  4. that dress is darling on you. Great choice!

  5. to echo Margaux...that dress IS darling on you, really! Extra sweet looking.

  6. thanks for your lovely post on my blog!

    btw you look ravishing in that yellow dress!

  7. I'm minutes away from buying one of these and I was doing a Google search to see what it looked like on other ladies. Except I'm a pasty white girl and I think the ginger would be awful on me... I was thinking it'd be gorgeous on a lady with darker skin and now I see I was right. Thanks for the pic!


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