Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Swear This Is the Last 'Mad Men' Post Before the Season Starts

This is old news, but I'm only just now getting wind of it (thanks, Wikipedia): Vulture reported in January that Sal, played by Bryan Batt, isn't going to be in season 4! Matthew Weiner said it would be "anachronistic" to have him stick around since Don fired him for his icky backward gayness. Sal was such an interesting character because he was hiding in plain sight. It's fascinating to imagine the emotional turmoil. My heart hurts when I think about him having to cruise and not be in actual relationship.

Last season's episode when Don caught Sal with the bellhop was probably one of my favorites, especially when Don cleverly coded his "you're gross but I'll accept you if I don't have to see your gayness" warning. It seems especially cruel not to bring back Batt after his recurring role on the final season of Ugly Betty. Sigh. You'll be missed, Sal. It may be too late, but perhaps I'll still join the Facebook group.


  1. I'm sad. I loved Sal. Plus, it would have been interesting to show his wife becoming more and more suspicious of his true sexual orientation, as when he so flamboyantly acted out the Bye Bye Birdie-inspired commercial in the bedroom for her during that one episode. The new agency doesn't have a graphic artist; I thought for certain Don would bring him on.

  2. OOoooh. I love Mad Men too and almost died waiting for the new season to start...which, by the way, was CRAAAAZY with new stuff! (the season 4 start)Great to see you're still blogging and like the new look.


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