Monday, July 19, 2010

Juicy Mad Men Season 4 Tidbits

One great thing about being unemployed is having the leisure to search the Internet for hints about what's in store for season 4 of Mad Men. An article from clues us in perfectly for Sunday's premiere.

Love Peggy's new haircut. I hope to have that same cut in a few months (if my hair will ever grow)

The year is 1964, one year past where the stomach-tightening season finale left us. Business isn't so good at the old Sterling Cooper. Don is living alone in an apartment in Greenwich Village and the ladies just aren't biting like the used to. He really seems to be starting with the clean slate the season 4 posters allude to (click here for more fun guesses about what this poster really means).

Betty's new mother-in-law is supposed to be terrible (but it's better, perhaps, than having no mother-in-law at all). As we could've guessed, the clean breaks that were supposed to make everything easier aren't. That's good for us; trouble makes great TV.

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  1. I said I wasn't going to read this and spoil anything for me, but...too late! I really wish Betty would just be single and enjoy it! It's foolish to go from one dominating man to (I'm guessing) another.

  2. I seriously cannot wait! Agh!


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