Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christina Hendricks Posing for London Fog Ads

Christina Hendricks is the face of London Fog's Fall 2010 line, which is brilliant marketing on their part because London Fog was one of Sterling Cooper's big clients. That episode was wonderfully informative. We learned there was no London fog, it was dust from the mines, that Sal gets his kicks when he's not with his wife, and that Don is willing to look past certain faults (God knows he ignores enough of his own).

Bravo, London Fog, and congratulations, Christina Hendricks, to whom I say: I want your life. You have dramatic, natural curves that apparently you maintain by eating cheese poppers. You get to wear beautiful vintage clothes and play dress-up in your real life at the Emmys. When you're not on set you get to wear (and keep!) fantastic trenches. You're in the early stages of what seems like a great marriage, learning to really enjoy each other's company, which is great, because your TV husband sucks. You've done all manner of sexy scenes with John Slattery, my favorite silver fox since Richard Gere's last movie tanked. Some girls have all the luck.

Click here for great behind the scenes footage of the ads.

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  1. Oh yeah, I saw an interview with her last year where she said the producers tell her not to work out! Nice...and I agree with you on John Slattery...yummy.


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