Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Award, Pt. 2

After receiving the Versatile Blogger Award, I now have to pass it on to ten other fabulous blogs but I'm unfortunately coming up short and only have 8. It's only because I tried to pick blogs that weren't super popular and I sort of failed but here it is:

1. b. vikki vintage: After being featured on Jezebel, I'm sure this isn't that exciting, but b. vikki vintage is a great site for vintage fashion featuring black models and normal people.

2. Beauty is a Thing of the Past: A fantastic site that posts full of useful pages from old hair magazines. But there are also great videos and offensive ads that are always good for a laugh.

3. An American Bluestocking in London: Miss Bluestocking has a very obvious interest in vintage fashion and advertising, but her main duty is documenting her new life in London. Originally from the States, she's working at a publishing house and writes lots of really thoughtful essays on her new life abroad. She doesn't always post that often, but when she does, it's a delight.

4. Millie Deel: A beautiful blog about beautiful things, most of them vintage.

5. Lemondrop Vintage: I'm sure many of you are familiar with Lemondrop Vintage but I'm passing this on to Marie because her blog is lovely and because once upon a time, she sent me a link to a vintage Stetson that I couldn't afford but loved anyway.

6. La Tenoli: I know "La Tenoli" in my real life and I also like her blog. She's a cool girl (who owes me a trip to Little Italy for canolis) Take a look!

7. Midnight Maniac: Rebecca is a charming blogger with great style. Even better: she bakes!

8. Fashionable Academics: My inner nerd is dying to be back in college. The transition to freshman year of life is hard but with Fashionable Academics I don't have to feel bad.

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