Friday, November 26, 2010


My poor little blog has been sorely neglected and I haven't even been reading my favorite blogs! Things have been tough, indeed, between losing a job and having my laptop go to hell.

This is overdue, but I thought it couldn't hurt to post pictures from Halloween. I was inspired by the fabulous Carmen Miranda. Making my hat was pretty difficult and it didn't come out quite as high as I would've liked but most people knew who I was.

Except for the guy who thought I was Celia Cruz.

The orange things sticking out from the side? Those are hibiscus but they kind of look like fall leaves. The dress is a little something I picked up at Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica for $9. I was completely serious when I bought it, but so far I've only worn it as a costume. Maybe when it's warm again it will make it's proper debut at night.

More posts coming very soon!
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  1. Oooo, you look marvelous! I immediately thought "Carmen Miranda" because of the fruit in your hat - what a cool costume!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and sorry to hear you lost your job. I firmly believe when things like that happen, it's because there is something better around the bend.


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