Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Retrofit: "Take Away Her Sweaters and What's She Got?"

One day I will learn to take a decent photo of myself!
Sweater - Macy's
Skirt - H&M
When I got dressed yesterday morning, I was inspired by the belted cardigans on the 1930s. And then I realized my skirt was too short so I ended up being more of a 1940s or 50s a sweater girl. If my skirt had been two or three or six inches longer, it would've been more 30s inspired.

I absolutely love the sweater girl look; it's nice for us bustier gals to have something vintage or vintage-inspired to fall back on that doesn't try to hide the goodies. Sure, the hourglass is a classic silhouette, but the waist and legs tend to take center
stage. I just finished reading a great book (more on that later) and bigger, bustier women were considered more tactile and thus somehow dirty. So little boobs were classier. Plus, I have a hard time finding vintage clothes fitting over my chest. And with the pencil skirt, I look less like a school girl.

Best of all, I got to wear my stockings. Beautiful 10 denier, backseam, European heel, the whole nine yards.
Hope my seams weren't this crooked all day

These were my Valentine's Day present to myself. Still not sure how I feel about them being gray, but it works with this skirt.

Anywho, not the demure 30s look I would've liked, but not half bad.
via my vintage life

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  1. Oh wow, you look gorgeous! *jealous* =] I absolutely feel your pain, being of the large bust + small waist set myself, finding things to fit and flatter both can be terribly hard. I'd love to hear about that book you mentioned though =] Anyhow, I'm a bit rambly, but you look lovely!


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