Monday, May 9, 2011

Retrofit: At the Races!

I've been gone awhile but at least I've been fabulous. Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and even in Brooklyn, we got in the swing of things. I had a great time at The Bell House's Derby Day party. I even participated in some square dancing, and that was before the mint juleps, thank you very much. I got to break out a fabulous 1960s dress I snapped up from Huzzah Vintage.

1950s gloves - Etsy
Purse - belongs to my great aunt. Gotta ask my mom how old it is

Don't you love my saucy pose against my industrial Brooklyn backdrop?

I love the sweet little collar on this dress. I think I may have to take this goody to the tailor; it fits in the bust, which can be hard for me to find in vintage clothes sometimes, but a bit billowy in the waist.

That lovely little fascinator is from La China Loca, a Brooklyn millner who makes fabulous vintage-inspired hats. Check out her designs and become as inspired as I am.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You look too lovely! That dress suits you so well

  2. wow wow wow! you wear it well, lady!

    ps: I finally just found a tailor that I really like here in the Bay Area. Knowing that I can buy items that are a bit too big or too small because I have a fabulous tailor definitely makes shopping for myself a lot more fun. I only wish that I'd known how affordable most tailoring is before I sold so many of my favorite pieces due to fit :/


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